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Topic: Popularity of Flickering Cluster Theory of Water  (Read 6407 times)

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Popularity of Flickering Cluster Theory of Water
« on: September 07, 2005, 05:37:07 AM »
I am of the opinion that the flickering cluster theory of water is more conceptual than a physical realisty. It is stated that at 70 degrees Celcius, clusters of 25 or less of water exists like an ice lattice, possibly the hexagonal 1h type. Another statement says that 80% of the water exists as bimolecular or trimolecular forms ie within a picosecond time frame.

For all practical purposes. these theories do not correlate with the physical behaviour of water. quote"  ". I am more inclined towards newer theories, erm maybe a semi-ordered structure of water, without any existance of any perfect bond angles or distances, just like stick together like some planatary motion. Maybe not eliptical but at least they do move about for quite a 'long distance' before they collide with each other.

Frankly, we need a ranking of ALL THE POSSIBLE THEORIES OUT THERE.

Need to be practical as well. ;D POLL,?,?,?,

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