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Topic: Teach Green Chemistry FREE - Grant for Supercritical Fluid System Announced  (Read 3115 times)

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Now is the time to get Supercritical in the classroom!
Price, opportunity and support are no longer barriers. You can have a complete Supercritical Fluids System in your classroom to teach Green Chemistry and more. For free!
Applied Separations, Inc., world leaders in Supercritical Fluids technologies, recognizes the importance of a practical scientific education. In order to support this, Applied Separations has committed to doing its part to assist colleges, universities and 2-year institutions in preparing their students for the scientific workplace of today and tomorrow by offering an educational grant worth over $20,000 that includes a Spe-ed SFE Prime and supporting materials.
Applied Separations is proud to offer this award, SCF-PRIME-11, which will allow the selected college or university to offer instruction on Supercritical Fluids. The winner will be awarded a Spe-ed SFE Prime Package, which includes a Supercritical Fluid System designed specifically for the higher education market as well as supporting Classroom Materials, such as a syllabus, handouts, suggested applications and more. The total value of this package exceeds $20,000.
A strong foundation in Green Chemistry is key to our success as a society, and the use of Supercritical Fluids (SCF) is fundamental to an education in green chemistry. By using Supercritical Fluids, your students will be leading tomorrow's green process with no petroleum solvents and no toxic residue. Required for teaching SCF is a Supercritical Fluids system that is safe for the classroom, but with enough power and features to illustrate and educate.
Applying for the grant is easy! Just fill out the short form on our website at http://www.appliedseparations.com/Grant/default.asp.
Deadline for submission is 4/30/11
For more information and to submit your grant application, visit:

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