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Topic: Can you convert caffeine to its isomer theobromine by the use of yeast?  (Read 4570 times)

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I know in the human body caffiene is metabolised into theobromine (still active) then the theobromine is metabolised. Now I was wondering, if I were to grow yeast over coffee beans would the yeast break caffiene down into theobromine?
I know its against the rules to post about the synthesis of illicit drugs but neither caffeine nor theobromine are illicit so is this still against the rules?
I'm currently growing yeast over coffee beans in a jar, though I have no way to tell the pressence of theobromine.

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Theobromine is not an isomer of caffeine. The difference between them is that theobromine has a NH on one of its rings and caffeine has a N-CH3.

Theobromine is an isomer  of theophylline, as well as paraxanthine according to

Probably this would interest you

"According to the present invention, experimental procedures are as follows; about 100 caffeine-resistant bacteria were separated from soil and were cultured in an agar ..."

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