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Topic: Created Large Pink Crystals [Bleach to Acetic Acid flowed by Epson Salt)  (Read 5466 times)

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Like some help in speculating what I have created, an incredible pink crystal hydrate that consumed all the liquid.

 To Prepare: Add equal volumes of 5% solution of Sodium Hypochlorite and NaCl (this is household bleach which also has a small amount of NaOH ) and Vinegar (5% Acetic Acid).  Shake and after a minute add an excess of dried Epson Salt (MgSO4) (prepared by heating hydrated Epson Salt) equal to 2/3 the volume of the solution. The reaction is exothermic and creates white flakes and a pink compound. The question, what is the pink salt?

 Some chemistry:

  1. Vinegar(or a host of other weak acids) + Bleach is a way of preparing Hydrochlorous Acid (HClO):

         NaClO + CH3COOH --> CH3COONa + HClO

  2.  There could have been an excess of bleach but, for sure, there was an excess of MgSO4:

        2 NaClO + MgSO4 --> Mg(ClO)2 + Na2SO4

  This is a known method for the preparation of Magnesium Hypochlorite.  I have performed Step 2 previously followed by the addition of vinegar (Step 1) without the creation of the pink salt using the standard hydrated form of Epson salts.

  3.  Side reactions with the NaCl in the bleach:   

       2 NaCl +  MgSO4 =  MgCl2 + Na2SO4

  4.   Guess:  The formation of Dichloroacetic Acid (or its Sodium or Magnesium salts) by the reaction of Cl2O, the anhydride of HClO formed with the dehydrating effects of the excess dried Epson Salts:

         CH3COOH + Cl2O  = CHCl2COOH

  5. Guess: The creation of a compound salt like Magnesium Sodium Acetate.


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Magnesium(II) acetate tetrahydrate is indeed pink.

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 After a few days, the nearly dry residue became completely white.

 Isn't chemistry WONDERful?

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I m going to try this...
 :) ;)
The world of chemistry is infinite.

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