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Unknown glassware item

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I've got an unknown lassware item and I don't know whai is good for . i have the picture of it. Anyone can help me with this?

I can't make out the detail around where your finger tips are.  What is the interface between the three glass parts that seem to come together there?  Also, which of the tubes on the left in your picture are open?  The one on the right is sealed, right?

Are there any moving parts?  It does look a little like a gas bubbler, but it might be missing a piece.

Description : This is one piece with an opening (beak) on the left side which comunicates with an internal test tube which has the bottom on the extreme right side. In the middle , that test tube has an opening upward which comunicates with the larger room. The top of the left side is an small opening (beak) which comunicates with the larger room. The tube on the middle, downward comunicates with the larger room, the same.

Can you take a better picture?

looks like this


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