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Topic: CAS: 10039-56-2 Sodium hypophosphite, reducing agent for electroless plating  (Read 5581 times)

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Sodium Hypophosphite is often applied as reductant in non-electrical deposition of nickel (Nickel Chloride, buffers.) It builds complexes with the nickel in the bath, improving the fineness of the surface after treatment.

Appearance        Colorless transparent liquid

NaH2PO2.H2O   102%
Na2HPO3          0.3% MAX
SO4                 100ppm MAX
Fe                    1ppm MAX
Cl                    30ppm MAX
PH                   6-8 
Pb                   1ppm MAX
Ca                   10ppm MAX

Packing:    In kraft paper bag inner coated with PE film, inner lined with PP bags. Product Net Weight: 25KG
Storage:     Store in a cool, well-ventilated area. Keep away from ignition sources, heat and flame. Store in tightly closed container. Incompatibilities: oxidants and food.

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We are leading manufacturer of sodium hypophosphite (SHP 102%) in China. We have two plants with 12,000MT annual production capacity. We have exported it to over 30 countries for more than 14 years.

Contact:Amy Wu (Wu Ting)
Company: Zhejiang Zengxin Chemistry Co.,Ltd Shanghai business office
Skype: amywuting
Tel: 86-21-53088022
Fax: 86-21-53088789
Address: 16kl, Meixin Mansion, No.728, Mid Xizang Rd., Huangpu District, Shanghai 200001, China

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