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Topic: what conditions can esterification occur?  (Read 3731 times)

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what conditions can esterification occur?
« on: October 16, 2005, 02:33:57 AM »

Sorry that this is such a stupid and easy question ^^a

Currently, I am researching the effect of changes in concentration of the reactants on the rate of reaction between acidified potassium permanganate and 2-butanol.  When i was plotting a graph of rate of reaction vs  concentration, I noticed the slope was rather unusual. I thought that the only reaction that could occur was the oxidation of butanol, but then it occured to me that perhaps esterification may have taken place.

I was wondering what conditions can esterification occur? Also, is esterification only possible between alkanol and carboxylic acids? or is it possible to have esterification between an alkanol and a inorganic acid (eg. sulphuric acid)

I appreciate any information you have on these questions =)
Thank you!
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