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Topic: Selling Chemistry Supplies  (Read 4074 times)

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Selling Chemistry Supplies
« on: December 21, 2011, 02:23:46 PM »
Hello, a couple months ago, the university I attend was getting rid of their old chemistry supplies because they were able to buy all new supplies. I now currently have half a closet full of chemistry glassware and am hoping to get rid of it all. Most items are still new in boxes, while others are used, but still in good condition. I have gone through most of it and identified it (almost all is either Pyrex or Ace Glassware so I matched it up best I could using their product listings.) I have a list of some of the items I have identified, I am working on identifying the rest, as well as taking pictures of the items.

Manufactor         Item                              Size   Quantity   Model Number
Pyrex          Liebig Condenser            500 mm       6            #2360-500
Pyrex              Test Tubes                 15x125 mm       44            #9800-15
Kontes        Reaction Flask             2000 mL        1            #612000-2000
Pyrex                3 Neck Boiling Flask    5000 mL (35/25 center)      
Ace Glassware  Friedrichs Condenser    250 mm 24/40  1       #4070-2640
Pyrex              Graham Condenser      300 mm 24/40  1            #2560-300
Pyrex                 Friedrich Condenser   325 mm 24/40   4    #2640-350
Pyrex              Test Tubes                  25x150 mm          18    #9800-25
Pyrex                 Flat Bottom Flask          300 mL 24/40   2   
Pyrex                 Boiling Flask, Round Bottom   1000 mL 34/45, 24/40   1   
Pyrex                 West Condenser          300 mm 24/40   22    #2800-300
Pyrex                 Globe Shaped Seperatory Funnel 125 mL   1        #6340-125
Pyrex                 Squibb Glass Seperatory Funnel  60 mL   1     #6400-60

I listed the model number that is listed on the website for most that I could find. I am not sure how much these go for, I have seen the price of new items, but of course I wouldn't charge the same price for used items, so I am not listing a set price for the items. I am hoping to make some money off of these to help pay for college though, so please make a reasonable offer. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon!  :)

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Re: Selling Chemistry Supplies
« Reply #1 on: March 18, 2012, 11:42:32 AM »

I am interested in buying some glassware. I recently moved and the movers dropped a microwave on top of my glassware box and broke most of my glassware!!! i see you are selling a lot of what I need. But, I'm wondering, are you selling things individually or can I give you a list of what I need and maybe we can work something out in a package type deal? Please let me know. I have a Chemistry lab class this upcoming semester and really need glassware. Thank you for your time. You can email me @: l_rodriguez25@hotmail.com


Luis Rodriguez

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