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how do you create a buffer system?


how would you go about to create a buffer system?

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Do you want an equation or just a rough description?

Donaldson Tan:
a buffer can be created by mixing a weak acid with a strong base, or a strong acid with a weak base. The later is not favoured, cuz typically the working range of most pH indicators will not fall into the buffer system's range  ;)

thank you for your reply, i would like a description please

First you need to know the pH of the system you wish to create.  Find a conjugate base/acid which (dually weak) with a suitable pKa, you should easily be able to find a list of these in a standard chem book.  Use the henderson hasselbach equation (look it up if you do not know what I am talking about) to find the relative concentration of buffer acid and base.  


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