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Topic: Is it worth to study course named: Physical Chemistry of Macromolecules?  (Read 3912 times)

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I am a bit confused to take this course or not...
I have just to choices for the next semester, this course or course for Statistics. (I can take statistics any other time but this course is going to be lectured in every 2 years, so if I miss it now i can not get it again)

The study literature is going to be
Introduction to Physical Polymer Science (4th ed), L.H. Sperling, Wiley, ISBN 978-0-471-70606-9

Do you have any idea about this topic? Have you hade something similar? Is it worth to study it and can get I benefits from it?

Offline Arkcon

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I would suggest taking Statistic, especially if its given under a limited schedule. For developing a breadth of knowledge to be a really competitive scientist, advanced mathematics courses are important.  I didn't find them as much fun, and I didn't do well in them, but I know they're important.  Recently, I've been trying to reteach myself statistics, and its not easy.  Sure, I use linear regression all the time, but the theory behind it ... its not as simple as I thought.

That said, the other course is certainly interesting, and probably very worthwhile.  Its really the biannual scheduling that chines it for me.
Hey, I'm not judging.  I just like to shoot straight.  I'm a man of science.

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