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If you get one website to link to us we will give you the special tag of your choice underneath your name. Currently I have "Nuclear Chemist" under mine and in the past only Admins could have tags underneath their names.

The website that you get to refer to us can be of any type. It can be your blog, your teachers website, your personal website about surfing dogs. Remember you need to get them to add our website to their site, that is the whole point.

To get the tag, simply provide a link to that website in this thread and the special tag you want. Please have the link pointing to


As a little addendum here, the Admin Staff here WILL review your title submissions and make sure they are appropriate.  We are a professional forum here and we will not have people going around with the title of 'Penile Python Pontificator', or something to that effect.  So please try to keep your title's civil and mature.   ;D

Ok, my link is here:

I'll take 'Mole Herder' as my title.

Edit:  I updated the url to have a new name.

done and thanks. :)

and mine...

"Tomato Farmer" would be nice.


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