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How to read an MSDS


Does anybody know of a good web site that shows you how to read an MSDS? I am looking for something that is user friendly, aesthetically appealing and has high attention to detail. I have found lots of web sites that show you generally how to read MSDS but the presentation is usually poor.

MSDS = material safety data sheet

what sort of problems are you having reading the sheet? Maybe I can help.

Hi AgG, I am not actually having a problem reading the sheet, I was actually after a site or application that someone may have written to help students interpret MSDS. I was thinking maybe some kind of interactive thing where a student can run the mouse of different sections or words and get an explaination. I am about to start working on one myself, I just thought there might be one out there already.

So if you know of such a thing that would be cool, or if you have any ideas for the one I will try and make let me know.

Cheers mate :)

Sorry, I hope I didn't come off as condescending there. I was just a bit unsure of the original purpose of your question.  

As for the MSDS program I dont know of anything in particular.  Personally, I would go old-school paper and ink and show it to them in class but I can definately see the benefits of having an online tutor-version.

If you do make an on-line version, we'll be more than happy to host it here. :)


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