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« on: April 19, 2012, 12:45:53 PM »
Hello everyone,

I am sure that you get many threads like this, but I do not really know who to ask for advice with matters like these.  I am going to be a senior and am a hard worker.  My gpa until this semester was a 3.88.  I took General Chemistry I with an A-.  Right now, I am finishing General Chemistry II with a B at best.  I do understand the concepts, but do not know why I am doing poorly, especially when my answers are the same as those from the book.  During March, I was also sent home for a week for reasons beyond my control which impacted my preparation.  People universally dislike me as an outsider at my school.  Many other students who have had this professor have had similar results despite being known as "good students."  There were also budget cuts at my school which prevented me from taking II after I, resulting in waiting a year to take II.  It is logical that I forgot quite a bit of information.

My questions are:

What can I do to do well in Organic and not suffer the same decline?
What can I do to do well on the ACS exam and pull my grade up?
Is it possible that this decline is not just academic but related to outside factors?

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