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Topic: Scholarships for postgraduate studies  (Read 3431 times)

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Scholarships for postgraduate studies
« on: April 16, 2012, 12:39:17 PM »
Hey guys. First of all excuse my English, I'm trying to improve It :).
I tried to find a topic that will answer my question but there are too many topics, so I decided to open a new one.
I am in my 3rd year of graduation studies, field: Analytical Biochemistry, and I'm thinking of postgraduate studies. But honestly, I'm not decided yet what I really want. Now I'm working on project about Electrochemistry (that should be my diploma work), and It seems interesting, but I don't think that It would help me to find job in industry (that's my aim). I guess I should focus on Organic chemistry, Biochemistry or Analytical chemistry to facilitate finding job.
I would like to take my postgraduate education somewhere in Europe or maybe in USA, with full scholarship, but there are to many information on internet, and nothing concrete. Could you direct me to some university,  maybe from your own experience.
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