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Hello everybody!

I'm just curious to know: are there any chemistry high schools in your area? I mean a school where you have laboratory as a subject and other chemistry subjects as well (to compare: I have  19 hours of chemistry per week (8 hours of analytical lab, 3 hours of general chemistry, 3 analytical chemistry and 5 hours of organic chemistry). This is just because I've been looking for such a school abroad but I didn't find one, so if anybody of you guys knows one I'll be glad if you'll give me an email adress or the adress of the school'l homepage.


Donaldson Tan:
all pre-university schools in singapore are well equipped for the syllabus required various science subjects - chemistry, biology and physics.

when I was studying A level chemistry in Singapore, I had 2h of chemistry lab per week, on top of my other science subjects (biology and physics). it adds up to 6h of lab per week, on top of all lectures and tutorials.

18h of lab for a pre-university science course sounds wierd. you don't need so much chemistry to prepare for university studies.

A high school that only tought chemistry would be a poor high school.  :-\

Donaldson Tan:
pre-university education should be as broad as possible.

expose the students to various subjects and fields.

the students will have 50-70 more years to live when they graduate. they should be exposed to as many ideas as possible, so that they can make an informed choice of what they want to make out their life to be.

the concept of chemistry high school is just too early. however, schools can conduct high-achiever program for students with good grades and interest. Additional lab or chemistry lectures can be arranged for the participants.


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