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39 Clues
« on: August 30, 2012, 09:47:57 PM »
I don't know if anyone's ever heard of the 39 clues books before, but it's about kids trying to figure out a mystery mixture. What would happen if you mixed all of these together?
1=Honey, Janus Clue, United States, The Founding Fathers

2=Hydrogen, Ekaterina Clue, French-Swiss Border, Cahill Collision

3=Silver, Ekaterina Clue, Egypt, The Desert Sabotage

4=Pepper, Madrigal Clue, Cambodia, Madrigal Temple

5=Mercury, Ekaterina Clue, Croatia, The Mad Scientist's Clue

6=Wormwood, Tomas Clue, United States, The Wild West

7=Barley, Madrigal Clue, Chile, The Madrigal Stronghold

8=Quartz, Tomas Clue, Pacific Ocean, Secrets Of The Deep

9=Cobra Venom, Janus Clue, India, The Emperor's Secret

10=Magnesium, Tomas Clue, Canada, The Frozen Secret

11=Uranium, Ekaterina Clue, Atlantic Ocean, Agent Training

12=Water, Ekaterina Clue, Indonesia, In Too Deep

13=Phosphorus, Ekaterina Clue, United Kingdom, The Lost Clue

14=Copper, Madrigal Clue, Madagascar, The X-Ray Clue

15=Vinegar, Madrigal Clue, United States, Buried Secrets

16=Gold, Tomas Clue, South Korea, The Sword Thief

17=Iodine, Janus Clue, United States, Frankenstein's Secret

18=Iron Solute, Lucian Clue, France, The Emperor's Code

19=Silk, Janus Clue, Nepal, Beyond The Grave

20=Myrrh, Ekaterina Clue, Egypt, Beyond The Grave

21=Mace, Madrigal Clue, Jamaica, Storm Warning

22=Bone, Tomas Clue, Zimbabwe, The Missing Explorer

23=Rosemary, Madrigal Clue, United States, New York Subway

24=Aloe, Tomas Clue, South Africa, The Viper's Nest

25=Sulfur, Janus Clue, Turkey, Turkish Delight

26=Calcium Carbonate, Lucian Clue, United States, The Desert Mystery

27=Salt, Lucian Clue, United Kingdom, The Stolen Clue

28=Tungsten, Janus Clue, Italy, One False Note

29=Lead, Tomas Clue, Venezuela, The General's Clue

30=Cocoa, Tomas Clue, Peru, The Mountain Challenge

32=Zinc, Tomas Clue, Russia, The Lost Diamond

33=Pearl, Janus Clue, Germany, The Mad King

34=Clover, Lucian Clue, United States, The Lucian Fort

35=Blood, Lucian Clue, France, Eifel's Secret

36=Platinum, Janus Clue, Mexico, The National Palace

37=Amber, Lucian Clue, Russia, The Black Circle

39=Lily, Madrigal Clue, Jordan, The Sandstone City


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Re: 39 Clues
« Reply #1 on: August 30, 2012, 10:07:15 PM »
Can you solve at least one for us, so we can see what the point is?  Are we supposed to use the known words to try to figure out what 'Ekaterina Clue' means.  Or are we supposed to add or remove letters to form a new word, or anything like that?
Hey, I'm not judging.  I just like to shoot straight.  I'm a man of science.

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