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Topic: Exposed to chemistry in my job and want more.  (Read 1914 times)

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Exposed to chemistry in my job and want more.
« on: September 11, 2012, 08:25:58 PM »
 Recently in my job I have started to be trained in chemistry. We do things such as turbidities (most basic), a few different titrations, and other tests to check parameters of water we use. It turns out I love this stuff. I went to college for a few years for computer science so this is a whole new field to me but it is just fun. The chemicals we use I'm sure are pretty basic but knowing what such things as potassium chromate, mercuric nitrate, and something as basic has hydrogen peroxide, can really do in a solution is sort of a gateway into a whole world of knowledge I didn't really know about

Now after all of that nerding out my question. I am wondering how to start learning more and experimenting at home. I have a decent classroom knowledge of chemistry but we have pretty much learned the practical aspects that we have to know. Are there some good books or wouild it be better to jump right into it?  I guess that is kind of a person question based on learning style but are there some "have to know" type books? Another thing we are trained in safety (to the point of annoyance) so I'm not too worried about that type of sort of upgrading. Though I have to say every time we go into the lab to do some work and use H202 I end up getting some on my finger and walking around with a white spot for a few hours.

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