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Topic: reactor design has me confused  (Read 2077 times)

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reactor design has me confused
« on: October 11, 2012, 12:20:02 AM »
consider the liquid phase sulphuric acid catalysed alkylation of isobutene and butylene to make isooctane
i-C4H10 + C4H8 = i-C8H18
the reaction is irreversible with kinetics r = kCaCb , k = 2.5*10^6 m^6/ kmol^2 s

theres a table here-

MW:                           wt % in feed                  ΔHf                          ΔGf
isooctane- 114                   -                              -60.98                     0.92
isobutane - 58                   70                             -37.5                       -5
butene - 56                       20                             -6                            16.8
h2so4 - 98                        10                              NA                          -

the density independent of conversion is 650 kg/m3. the specific heat of the mixture is 0.5 cal/g C
feed enters at 20 c at a rate of 25 kg/s
1. combine the kinetics into the CSTR reactor material balance to generate a plot of X vs T
2. from the reactor adiabatic energy balance, generate a plot of conversion X vs. T
3. what is the adiabatic temperature and conversion of this system? justify addition of heat transfer capability to the system.

note:: reator design was more than 2 semesters ago and my process design teacher sprung this on us for HW.
Please help
need an idea on how to start and go about it. very confused at this stage.

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Re: reactor design has me confused
« Reply #1 on: October 11, 2012, 12:58:38 AM »
Start by calculating for us what's the heat of reaction.

Also, get moles/sec of each reactant.

Finally, if reaction ran to completion in a closed insulated vessel what would be the total Temp. rise?

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Re: reactor design has me confused
« Reply #2 on: October 12, 2012, 08:34:43 PM »
sory,,i'm forget,,

The value of k, needs to have the function of temperature, k = f (T), so you must seek the values ​​of A and Ea, the equation k = A exp -Ea/RT,,

as adiabatic, the temperature can be decreased or raising, therefore, the value of k must be a function of temperature k = f (T), unlike the case when Isothermal,, k is not a function of temperature,,

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