May 31, 2023, 01:00:37 PM
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Topic: How to remove nonspecific binding DNA from streptavidin magnetic beads  (Read 3407 times)

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Dear friends,

   I want to remove the nonspecific bound DNA from magnetic beads.

  I am following this protocol :
Tris.HCl, EDTA: 1mM,NaCl : 2M pH=7.5 (2x), for binding with magnetic bead i used 2x buffer after that for washing i used 1x buffer for 5 times washing in the magnetic stand.

After washing also i got Ct value in RT-PCR are huge copy of non specific DNA remain..

so please suggest me efficient method to remove unbound DNA from magnetic beads and eppendorf (sometime without magnetic bead  effendore also shows unbound DNA) .

please help to clarify the protocol

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