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Are these equations of the full reaction in a galvanic cell correct.Note -> is equal to the equalibrium sign and 2* is equal to a positive charge of two.

1. Fe + Cu2* ->Fe2* + Cu
2.Zn + Cu2* -> Zn2* + Cu

3.Al + Cu2* -> Al2* + Cu

4.Zn + Fe2* -> Zn2* + Fe

5.Al + Zn2* -> Al2* + Zn

6.Al + Fe2* -> Al2* + Fe

please check that i have got the ion charge right especially.
Thanks alot and sorry for asking for so much.

Donaldson Tan:
Al don't form Al2+ ions FYI

so do they just form Al+ ions? It sounds possible to me

Donaldson Tan:
Aluminium oexhibits 0 and +3 oxidation state


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