July 10, 2020, 06:26:00 AM
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Topic: [SELLING] Corning® PYREX® Vacuum Distillation Trap 38 x 250mm [SELLING]  (Read 1731 times)

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I am cleaning out old un-used equipment. I have three complete sets of the Pyrex vac distillation chambers WITH trap. The item number is 7729-38 and they have never been used. They are of course un-boxed so I could check for damage before selling them. I may have left some fingerprints on the piece but obviously I will clean them before selling.

Below is NOT my picture but I will take pictures with my username/ this forums name on paper next to my pieces when I have a camera.

I also have for sale a DVR 2 Vacuubrand reader as pictured below, again, NOT my picture. This is a stock pic from Vacuubrand. I will take pics for anybody interested.

Inquire for prices. Leave a post, PM, email me, whatever.

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