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Topic: Any chemists can help this for my writing project regarding to the career as a c  (Read 1478 times)

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So I am doing a writing project for my class and I need information from a professional in the field of chemistry. Any chemist working in a lab would be great for answering my list of question regarding to your job, it's ok if there are some you don't want to answer! Your help would be very appreciated!

1.What is your job in your company? How long have you been there? Have you worked at other companies in similar position? How would you compare your current position to your previous similar position?

2.What were some expectations and surprises when you were entering your field?

3.What do you think about the current job market in your field?

4.What are some skills and qualifications required in your job? Such as education, ongoing training?

5.What are your job responsibilities? Can you describe some of your big challenges in the job?

6.Can you describe the types of reading and writing you do in your job?

    a. Particular writing genres?

    b. How much and what kinds of writing are done?

    c. Are writing projects individual or collaborative?

    d. Is there a particular writing process that is followed?

    e. Are there special formats used in this profession?

    f. What makes someone an authority in your profession?

    g. Who are your common audiences of the writings?

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