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Re: geopolymer
« Reply #15 on: October 26, 2014, 06:16:03 AM »
Let me check I have this right then.

I first work out how much K2O I have in 100g of the solution that I start with, and also for the solution I want to end up with. The weight in grams is the number of mols * the molecular weight.

Then I adjust this to stake account of the fact that I am adding KOH and not K2O by using the formula:

K2O  /  K2Omr   *   2   *   KOHmr
7.8   /   94.2      *   2   *   56.1

Its as simple as that!

Great! Thanks very much.

I was wondering whether the fact that the alkali is evidently free alkali and comes out at the surface means that the reaction is not giving me a true geopolymer anyway. This would have to do with the ingredients I am using perhaps not being right. The first part of this video explains what I think might be going wrong:


The potassium is perhaps not locked into the resulting structure due to polymerisation not being complete.

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