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Topic: DFT Itanium and minimum RAM  (Read 2798 times)

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DFT Itanium and minimum RAM
« on: March 30, 2006, 06:42:41 AM »
Hi Colleagues,
I'm trying to find some specific information regarding DFT calculations with GAMESS-UK on Itanium2 based cluster. What minimum requirements are for RAM per each CPU when calculating DFT.
SFT is calculating well, but DFT not, especially if I have a bit more atoms. Who knows where to find statement :  Expert tells, oh, it's impossible to calculate, you might to change your RAM ( for example, somebody has Itanium cluster with 1GB/CPU and wants to calculate DFT for 200 atoms)
Thanks for support in advance.
Saulius Lapienis  

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