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Topic: Preparation of LiDBB  (Read 3050 times)

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Preparation of LiDBB
« on: December 12, 2014, 03:34:32 AM »
Hi there

Has anyone had experience in preparation of LiDBB (lithium 4',4'-ditert-butylbiphenylide) . I intend to use it in deprotection of benzyl ether but am having trouble forming this reagent (from Li and 4,4'-ditertbutylbiphenyl (DBB) in THF at 0 C under Ar) despite following protocols rigorously ( dry THF; new lithium cut under mineral oil , rinsed in hexanes and activated in methanol; NMR-checked DBB).

Had spoken to some1 who previously said its quite tricky to make so folowed their advice of really vigorous stirring (to submerge Li better) but no luck!

Any help would rock...

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