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If you are new or old, please go ahead and tell us a little bit about yourself. :)

I am currently a graduate student at UC Berkeley, doing Nuclear and Radiochemistry research.

I was born in West Covina California, but lived my early-early years in the city of El Monte. I did my k-12 in the city of Malibu in its public education system. I did my undergraduate work at UC Riverside and worked on organic based materials for several years. As an undergrad, I also worked on radioactive ion beams at UC Berkeley. As a graduate student at UC Berkeley--I initially worked for 2 years in a physical-organic chemistry lab until switching to nuclear chemistry. Currently, I'm working on a new target methodology, low energy nuclear reactions, and transactinide chemistry.

I be here ;D

Hello everyone :D

Donaldson Tan:
I am from Singapore. I study chemical engineering with fine chemicals processing at the renowned Imperial College London.

I fell in love with Chemistry in 1998 most unexpectedly because I used to struggle (and fail) that subject. I also maintain an interest in international politics and world government.

Hi Everybody!  [/Dr. Nick Riviera Accent]

I'm Jdurg and I'm from southeastern, Connecticut.  If you know of Foxwoods Casino and the Mohegan Sun Casino, you know the area I live in.  I'm a soon to be 24 year old male who is currently a Data and Document Processing Specialist at a Clinical Research Organization.  It really has nothing to do with chemistry, but I've got a lot of future mobility with what I'm doing.  

I graduated from West Chester University in Pennsylvania with a B.S. in Forensic Chemistry in May of 2002.  Sadly, the forensic chemistry field did not have any opportunities for me upon graduation, so I've had to go elsewhere to find employment.  I still have a passion for chemistry, and my element collection helps sooth that passion.  Being able to share that with all of you here at is a nice bonus.  In the future I may go back to the professional field of chemistry, but for now my element collection will have to do.  (If anything, it will give me gobs of experience with many different elements).

I first became interested in chemistry as a real little kid.  Being a Type I Diabetic since I was 2, I always had a passion for science.  I wanted to know why things worked and why my body didn't work right.  I remember watching a Mr. Wizard episode where he took apart fireworks and showed the different metal salts and explained how the fireworks worked.  That hooked me on chemistry.  Ever since then, I've loved working with chemicals and things that go "BOOM!"  My favorite labs were always the ones conducted in a fume hood or behind a blast shield.  I also loved using a GC/MS machine because the things that it could tell you are incredible.  One of my favorite days as a forensics intern in college was when I found a positive urine sample for cocaine.  It was really neat taking it from the preliminary tests, all the way through the confirmation page and seeing the cocaine show up clear as day.  I was even given permission to make a copy of the results, minus the sample number, for my own use.  Every now and then I look at it and marvel and the wonders of science.  

That's about it for now.  As I write more articles and post more in these forums, more about me will be revealed.   ;D

I’m from Florida (who broke the AC  :P), I'm a junior in high school, I’m taking duel enrollment in a local college and I like chemistry and computer programming the best so far. I’m awaiting my first real chemistry class next year; most of my chemistry knowledge so far is from reading/experimenting/websites/parents. I like doing experiments that involve controlled explosions or semi-violent reactions and I like to be able to do things myself (like making fireworks  ;D)


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