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review article on storage conditions for enzymes


Many years ago I found a lengthy review article that was a survey of how various enzymes were stored.  It had conditions under which enzymes were frozen and perhaps lyophilized IIRC.  Recently I went through my massive collection of photocopied articles but I could not find it.  I seem to recall that there were two authors, but I do not remember the name of the journal.  The article was probably written in the 1990s, but I could be off by a few years on either side.   I have tried extensive searches using Pubmed and less extensive searches using Google Scholar, but they have not produced the article I have in mind.  Does it ring any bells with anyone?  Any suggestions for the best way to search for it?

Not sure about finding your specific article, but google gives a few good guides about conditions for protein storage:

Maybe try looking in one of the Current Protocols, CSH protocols, Methods in Enzymology, or other methods focused journal.

Enzyme stabilization: state of the art
Liliana Gianfreda & Maria Rosaria Scarfi
Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry volume 100, pages 97–128 (1991)


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