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Chemicals offer
« on: June 06, 2016, 06:59:23 AM »
Dear Sir,  Madam,
we would like to make you a offer for our main products:
organomagnesium (Grignard reagents);
alkali metals in ampoules;
inorganic halides;
highly purified substances;
dry solvents
We also consider the possibility of production of any substances that You are interested.

Introduced range is approximate.

Alkali metals

Cs Cesium metal in ampoules  CAS 7440-46-2

K Potassium metal in ampoules CAS 7440-09-7

Rb Rubidium metal in ampoules  CAS 7440-17-7

Na  Sodium metal in ampoules or under paraffin oil CAS 7440-23-5

Ba  Barium metal in ampoules or under paraffin oil CAS 7440-39-3

 Inorganic halides

AlBr3 Aluminum tribromide (anhydrous) in ampoules  CAS 7727-15-3

BBr3Boron tribromide (anhydrous) in ampoules CAS 10294-33-4

BCl3 Boron trichloride (anhydrous) in ampoules CAS 1029-34-5

CdBr2 Cadmium bromide  CAS 13464-92-1

CdI2 Cadmium iodide  CAS 7790-80-9

CuI Copper (I) iodide CAS 7681-65-4

ICl Iodine monochloride (anhydrous) in ampoules  CAS 7790-99-0

ICl3 Iodine trichloride (anhydrous) in ampoules  CAS 865-44-1

PbBr2 Lead (II) bromide CAS 10031-22-8

PbI2 Lead (II) iodide CAS 10101-63-0

PBr3 Phosphorus (III) bromide in ampoules  CAS 7789-60-8

PI3 Phosphorus (III) iodide in ampoules  CAS 13455-01-1

SbBr3 Antimony (III) bromide (anhydrous) in ampoules  CAS 7789-61-9

SiBr4 Silicon tetrabromide (anhydrous) in ampoules   CAS 7789-66-4

SnI4 Tin (IV) iodide  CAS 7790-47-8

SnBr4Tin (IV) bromide CAS 7789-67-5

SeCl4 Selenium (IV) chloride in ampoules  CAS 10026-03-6

TiBr4 Titanium (IV) bromide in ampoules  CAS 7789-68-6

ZnBr2 Zinc bromide  CAS 7699-45-8

ZnI2 Zinc iodide  CAS 10139-47-6

Grignard reagents (solutions in diethyl ether or tetrahydrofuran)

C2H5MgBr Ethylmagnesium bromide solution 3 M   CAS 925-90-6

C6H5CH2MgCl Benzylmagnesium chloride solution 1  M  CAS 6921-34-2

C3H7MgCl  N-propylmagnesium chloride solution 2 M CAS 2234-82-4

CH3MgI Methylmagnesium iodide solution 3 M  CAS 917-64-6

C6H5MgBr Phenylmagnesium bromide solution 3 M  CAS 100-58-3

Other substances

Al2S3 Aluminum sulfide, >95% CAS 1302-81-4

C4H8O2∙Br2 Bromine-1,4-dioxane complex in ampoules CAS 15481-39-7

CdS Cadmium sulfide, >99% CAS 1306-23-6

CuS Copper (II) sulfide, >99% CAS 1317-40-4

CH3I Iodomethane (methyl iodide) CAS 74-88-4

CrO2Cl2 Chromyl chloride (chromium (VI) oxychloride) in ampoules CAS 1497761-8

HCl Hydrogen chloride solution 4 M in dioxane; 4 M in 2-propanol; 2 M in diethyl ether CAS 7647-01-0

H2S Hydrogen sulfide solution 0,8 M in THF CAS 7783-06-4

HNO3 Nitric acid in ampoules, >98% CAS 7697-37-2

HNO3∙NO2 Nitric acid (red, fuming) in ampoules CAS 7697-37-2

NO2; N2O4 Nitrogen dioxide (dinitrogen tetroxide, nitrogen peroxide) in ampoules CAS 10102-44-0

SO2∙H2O Sulfur dioxide solution (sulfurous acid) CAS 7782-99-2

SO3 Sulfur trioxide (sulfuric anhydride) in ampoules CAS 7446-11-9

Best regards
Aleksej But
Alkmeta, LTD Laisves pr. 60
LT-05120 Vilnius Lithuania

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