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Topic: Complex Organic Compound?  (Read 6179 times)

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Re: How to make this triphenylethylene?
« Reply #15 on: April 23, 2017, 11:09:46 PM »
A "pretty simple compound to make" covers a very wide area. I'll put it to you this way: As an electrical engineer, would you say its pretty simple to wire up the wing controls for a Cessna? I bet its "pretty simple" to do, but for me to do such a thing with nothing but the internet would require a lot (months/years?) of study and likely trial and error.

I highly suggest you find a way to either purchase the compound, or you find an organic chemist to make it. Neither the triphenylethylene derivative Arkcon linked, nor plain triphenylethylene are walks in the park ( The plain version is much easier due to the low number of steps, but prepping the benzyl bromide grignard precursor and not ruining it is definitely requires skill with working in water free conditions, as well as specialized equipment for the distillation. That is something it usually takes years of lab work to get right.

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