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Topic: Methanol Poisoning  (Read 2279 times)

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Methanol Poisoning
« on: June 29, 2017, 07:10:56 PM »
How rapidly do symptoms present themselves after Methanol exposure by unknown route?

My husband's autopsy showed he died from Metabolic acidosis brought about by Methanol (and isopropanol).

Vitreous source quantities:
Methanol at 3400 mg/L (lethal is around 300 mg/L)
Isopropanol 27 mg/L

No ethanol, acetone or drugs were present. He had not consumed tainted ethanol (alcohol) made with Methanol, nor did he smell of any alcohol.

What products are made with both Methanol & isopropanol?

At 8 pm, he was already showing advanced signs of poisoning, acting "drunk". By 9 pm he was deceased.

At what time would Kussmaul respirations present, due to metabolic acidosis? Shortly before death or hours earlier? I believe the second set of symptoms are observable 10-30 hours after exposure.

What does the excessive amount of Methanol (3400 mg/L) indicate? Accident or intentional? What would corresponding Formate levels be?

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