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Hey guys...

Great idea to create a ChEng Forum...  :D
I'll start to participate here...
I'm a student of Master degree in ChEng in Brazil. I work simulation of a gasifier reactor of tannery waste.

Best regards...
(I'm sorry my poor English)

Donaldson Tan:
Welcome to the Chemical Engineering Forum!

I am a 2nd year undergraduate, in the midst of my examinations now. I wish my exams are already over. I will be having a paper on Process Dynamics and Control in 3h time. Argh!!!

I am from Singapore and I study Chemical Engineering with Fine Chemicals Processing at Imperial College London in the UK. I can't wait to graduate already, but I have 2 more years of undergraduate study  :(

Hi.. I am working in an engineering design firm.

EDIT: Refrain from excessive use of capital letters.

Hi, I am working as a process engineer in an oil & gas design firm. Its fun to work here  :D

Hello, i will be studying chemical engineering next year, probably in UIUC. Anybody there in UIUC already?


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