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The Decline of Home Chemistry

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So, I must ask again, Bill, what is your take on the article?  I am curious.

Well, I must say, this link has done a LOT. I found it here and also posted it on a Dutch forum, where it resulted in a discussion having tens of reactions. Now some people are working on a letter to some Dutch politicians. At the moment the climate in the Netherlands is not good at all for home chemists, due to a recent terrorist murder over here of a well known person (Theo van Gogh) and due to accidents with young boys who were misusing chemicals.

In the meantime, the link also is copied to science madness and over there also is quite some discussion. So, you are the single source of all this discussion and possible spin-off in the form of letters, but unfortunately you have not seen anything of it.

The experience that woelen had with this article is what I was hoping for here. I did not want to influence the discussion by giving my opinion. Especially, since I have yet to form a coherent study of the topic. I can say that I am sympathetic to the contention Christian Thorsten puts forth. I was definitely trying to give a place on this forum for this topic, rather than have it littered among other posts that were not specifically related to this topic.  

Could you post some links that are discussing this topic from the locations on the Internet that you mention? Especially, the posts that are in English. I appreciate your efforts.


This is the discussion on scimad:
You, however, need to register at the forum if you want to read it and ask the moderator ('Polverone') of the site for a password in order to access this link (the so-called whimsy section of scimad is not freely accessible). This one is not started by myself, someone else has posted the link on scimad.

This is the link at the Dutch forum.
It is freely accessible. This one I started myself. Unfortunately for you, it is in Dutch, so your mileage may vary in your understanding of this :(.
Read post #13 of this thread. One of the members ("Taaie-Neuskoek") has written a letter to the author of the article and received a reply on it. That part at least you can understand. This person "Taaie-Neuskoek" and I intend to write a letter to some Dutch people about this subject.

Woelen - thank you very much - Regards Bill


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