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Topic: Chemical preservatives to transform milk into solids  (Read 1763 times)

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Chemical preservatives to transform milk into solids
« on: January 31, 2018, 05:56:30 AM »

I am hoping you can assist me with your knowledge. I have done some extensive research already but I can not find the answers.

Breastmilk! Yes! That is right. I am looking into preserving breastmilk for the purpose of creating a keepsake which will not hold in years to come.

Many companies will add a transparent, clear 'solvent' to the milk, which is then heated for approx 3-8 minutes. During the heating process the milk will become semi solid. My understanding is that the medium is than spread on a sheet, dried and than mixed into resin.

Using the vinegar method does not work in breastmilk as it doe not have enough casein like bovine milk.

What would this chemical be? Could it be any food preservatives that reduces fungi, hold and bacteria growth? I would really like the understand the process.

Second option is to use a polymer (glue) and a food preservatives and heat this up as above. I have tested this method and it seems to work, however it is unclear if bacteria or gold will grow in years to come? What is your opinion on that?

I do appreciate any assistance and insights into chemistry.

Thank you

So Snowy

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