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Topic: Maintenance Crew And The Operations & the operations & Manufacturing Department  (Read 1233 times)

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i would like to thank those people who helped me in my last question regarding Catalytic Reforming. It helped me a lot :)

I hope you could still help me for another round of question. this is more about the labor part of a BTX plant. As I had mentioned before, I am on my way of finishing my Plant Design to be a legitimate graduate of ChE. its more on the continuous catalytic reforming of naphtha.

I would like to ask about the basic of the maintenance crew. To be honest with you, I haven't reached any Petrcohemical Company here in the Philippines because of its strict compliance before entering the refinery Plant. thus, my whole resources came from the books and the internet.


Yes, I do have researched a lot, but what I am looking really is the labor force inside the manufacturing department. I have read that, of course, there is a control room as the heart of the manufacturing section. So, first question is, "if we do have a control room, that means, Equipment operators on the field is not necessary"? but, I had read in an article about the field operators. second question is, "if field operator is needed rather than equipment operator, how many should I put, especially in a BTX plant?"


So far, based on our plant, I had made some estimations too:
an operations manager as the main head of the manufacturing department (1)
the research and development officers which serves also as our QA analyst (6) thus three per shift

the process engineers (2) thus 1 per shift

then the people in the control room. i had put atleast 10; 5 per shift based on our equipment involved.
the field operators, how many should i put?

I do apologize for these so much questions. But learning comes from asking after all, so thank you very much. :)

btw, here are my references too:

Fundamentals of petroleum and petrochemical engg, by U. Chaudhuri
Operations  & Maintenance by US Dept of Energy

Controlling Complex Technical Systems: The Control Room Operator’s Tasks in Process Industries from

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