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Topic: It's possible excited state of hydrogen to principal quantum number equal 8?  (Read 2287 times)

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Probably in the near future we will create an elements belonging to eighth period.
So, it's possible excited state atom of hydrogen to quantum number equal 8?
We know only six spectral series of hydrogen, but maybe existed more of them? ;)

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Certainly it's possible. It is involved in all the spectral series of hydrogen, which each have a common lower state, e.g the Balmer series transitions all terminate on n=2, from the excited states n=3, 4, 5 etc. including of course n=8. I don't know if a series terminating on n=8 has been observed, but it's theoretically possible.

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Transitions ending on n=8 would have 0.21eV as the biggest energy, or 5.8µm as the shortest wavelength. That's far infrared. Thermal radiation at 300K is around 10µm.

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