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Identifying a structure from various data


If anyone could help me on this i would appreciate it alot....

A compound, X has the following spectroscopic properties:

Proton (Spin-Coupled NMR): 1.11 delta (triplet, J=7Hz); 2.32 delta (quartet, J=7 Hz); 3.65 delta (singlet)

IR: sharp peak at 1735 cm-1

MS Molecular Ion: 88

Carbon-13 NMR:  9.3, 27.6, 51.4, 174.6 delta

Propose a molecular structure for compound X. if you get any of the info off the net if you could give me a link I would really apreciate it Thanks.

Edit: edited title for better indexing. Mitch

Check out our links page, specifically about the NMR spectra.  Its a great untapped resource!

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