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Topic: Sodium tetraborate pentahydrate vs sodium tetraborate decahydrate  (Read 22038 times)

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Hi, What is the difference between sodium tetraborate pentadrate and sodium tetraborate decahydrate? I am trying to make a product that I use frequently in my work - the formula is Na2B4O7-5H2o    I need to make it as exact as possible.  Thank you for any help that you can offer

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Re:a formula
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The difference is 5 water molecules. The decahydrate has 10 water molecules.

If its in a solution, you kinda have to expect you'll have an equilibrium mixture of the 2 substances. You could try using molecular sieves so you can push the synthesis towards the petahydrate. But, I would need to know more details of what exactly you are doing.
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Re:Sodium tetraborate pentahydrate vs sodium tetraborate decahydrate
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Pentahydrate can be obtained during crystallization of borax (decahydrate) at 80 C.


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