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Topic: Sulfuric acid + water + ... plants  (Read 1701 times)

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Sulfuric acid + water + ... plants
« on: October 08, 2018, 04:21:00 AM »
Hi people. My name is Mario, I'm from Italy. I need to ask a question which is probably really a "noob" question, but chemistry was never something I was good at and I can't find straight answers on the internet. Thank you in advance to whoever will answer this.

I need to use around 300 ml of 95% sulfuric acid in my WC.

the equation, from what I can understand, will be:

H2SO4 + H2O ↔ H3O+ HSO4-

plus a small amount of this:

HSO4- + H2O → H3O+ + SO42-

I know a good deal of the reaction will result in heat, as it's a very exothermic reaction.

but what i need to understand is: how harmful to the environment the end result of this reaction will be?

I will have at the end Hydrogen sulfate, hydronium, plus some sulfate.

Part of this liquid will reach a very deep and large well but wells like this are built in such a way that a part of their content ends up in the soil and there are plants near it.

So how and how much will this affect and damage the roots of the plants near the well?

As you may have realized, it's a case of very practical application of chemistry here   :P

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Re: Sulfuric acid + water + ... plants
« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2018, 07:21:45 AM »
If sulfuric acid gets in contact with any plant, it will die.

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