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Hello, I was preparing for the Chemistry Olympiad, and I was looking at the All-Russian olympiad (I know there's many national olympiads out there), but I can't find a good translation for the tests. There's still some parts that aren't legible, such as the translation of  AgNO3 (р-ция 1) to AgNO3(P-tion 1). Does anyone know if there is any English version of these tests? Or would anyone be willing to translate them?

You can find them on I'm currently looking at the 2018-2019 tests, and trying to do all the task problems. Thank you so much!

AgNO3 (р-ция 1) to AgNO3(P-tion 1)
 (р-ция 1) Russian abbreviation  (реакция 1) which means (reaction 1). Another form р-ции = reactions (plural)
P-tion 1 should be R-tion - such error often happens with Google translations.

By the way - the answer is Na2SO3.

No problems for 2019


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