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Topic: Problem with drying a moist room (finding water content in a closed room)  (Read 3024 times)

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the link below said that a 30-degree Celsius temp at saturated vapor density will contain vapor of about 30.4 grams per m\^3


Does that mean the room with length = 220cm, width = 230cm, and height = 120cm will be  6,072,000 cm\^3  = 6.072 m\^3   >>>> 6\*30.4 = 182.4 g ??

but from what I have experimented with putting silica gel inside the room. I found that on the peak day, the weight of silica gel increased by approximately 12 grams/day (unknown relative humidity but surely higher than 95%)   >>>> If you absorb 12 g of water from the saturated air (182.4g), the relative humidity should decrease by about 6%  (I even further let my Farcent disposable dehumidifier increase its weight by 135g from absorbing water)

but what's wrong with my logic? the value displayed on the hygrometer doesn't even decrease a little bit
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I doubt you room is sealed tight and doesn't exchange air with the surroundings.

Try with some kind of an empty and leak proof tank.
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