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Topic: Researching on better pharma drugs for neurological Disorders  (Read 1295 times)

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Hi guys. I just wanted to ask a question from a more theoretical point of view.

There's a history of neuropsychiatric conditions on both sides of my family. I myself visit a neuropsychiatrist. I know how much pain and suffering can be caused by diseases of the nervous system. I also frequent on a mental health discussion forum and I just cannot see people being miserable. Now here comes my card; I am a BSc first year student studying both biology and chemistry from India. I am, currently, questioning whether chemistry is the right choice for me.

Now, I am pretty bad when it comes to bench work. Better than how it used to be, but I am still pretty bad. It may be due to the fact I am not on par when it comes to fitness with my peers but I still am trying very hard.

Now I was wondering, that I want to do research (focus on drugs), what must I do? As I said before, I study both biology and chemistry so switching to biology is not a problem (as of current) if I want to focus on pathophysiology, genetics or the like. Honestly, MSc level biology is pretty tough too and it involves much chemical work, as far as I know. I checked on my current University's website. So I am not gaining much if I want to somehow 'avoid' what seems very difficult to me.

What really saddens me, is that we could have better treatments available for disorders of the nervous system (both psychiatric and neurological) but we haven't made much progress as we could really have. All of it is still an enigma to both patients on one hand and doctors and scientists on the other. It really saddens me, I wish I could help but I have no idea how can I considering I am not good at the lab. I do fine in zoology and botany but I am just not clear cut for chemistry lab work, that or I'll have to work very hard (possibly both.)

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.

(A shorter version in case some points remain unclear - I am an undergraduate science student. I want to become a medical scientist. Not sure whether to specialize in biology or chemistry. I want to help create better treatment plans for neurological and/or psychiatric conditions. So what must I do after BSc? And which subject should I specialize in if I want to research on disorders of the nervous system? Is chemistry a better option? Or is biology a better option? Both have similar lab work at higher level, but I lack confidence when I say I can do chemistry lab work.

Also, can I do research with the help of computers? I'd like job security so bioinformatics isn't the best option. I am good with computers. Is computational chemistry okay? Can I specialize in it at MSc level and do research on treatments and disorders at PhD level? Or should I become a computational biologist instead? Or I should focus more on traditional specialities? Thanks.)
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