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Topic: Formulation of the aqueous phase for a microemulsion  (Read 271 times)

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Formulation of the aqueous phase for a microemulsion
« on: March 29, 2019, 04:09:13 AM »
I want to test the influence of salinity on the formation of a NaCl (Salt)/SDS (Surfactant)/Pentanol (Cosolvent) based Microemulsion with a crude oil, the composition is the following :

Salinity ranging from 1% to 15% (let's take 5% as an example)
SDS 1%
Pentanol 2%

Let's say that I want to prepare this formulation for 100ml

I'll dissolve 5g of NaCl in deionized water at the first place, then 1g of SDS and dilute with NaCl until reaching 100ml, what about Pentanol? when i'll add "2g" of pentanol, does the volume remains unchanged? i'm maybe wrong, if it's the case, forgive...

Next, if i'm going to vary salinity, i'll prepare a stock solution and proceed by dilution to obtain the salinity values that I want (while ignoring the salinity of the SDS), are there any solubility problems? knowing that i'll not exceed neither solubility of Pentanol which is 2,2g/100ml nor that of Salt, but what about their mixture? because i need to have a clear solution at the end, Hope there'll be an adequate anwser

Thanks in Advance

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