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Topic: Cation separation path  (Read 405 times)

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Cation separation path
« on: May 09, 2019, 03:03:21 PM »
I'm currently in the Quali lab and I'm pretty desperate with my sample.
I thought I had detected (NO3) 2-, (CO3) 2- as anions, Pb2 + via the cation separation path, Na + via very strong flame staining and thus had a complete analysis.
Then, on evaporation of the soluble /magensium group, after separation of the zinc group, an orange residue remained. So that should mean that I have another cation in my sample that I somehow missed, right? Is it possible to explain this precipitation differently?
In the cation separation process, I had a sediment in the silver group (with positive lead detection on separation) and one in the calcium group, which I consider to be lead sulfate.
With the addition of H2S in the copper / tin group, my sample solution was slightly orange / yellow (why can not I explain myself so completely?), but I definitely had no precipitation.
Can anyone help me here? I have no idea where the error can be. Does this orange color give any indication of any cation?
And is not it really very unlikely, despite the presence of lead, that it will be abducted after the calcium group to receive no more precipitation?

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