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Author Topic: Spin Polarisation of Atoms & Elisabeth Bormann's research  (Read 3434 times)

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Spin Polarisation of Atoms & Elisabeth Bormann's research
« on: September 14, 2010, 01:26:06 PM »

Approximately in the early 1920s in Germany Miss Elisabeth Bormann was a very talented mathematician and assistant first to Dr Max Born and later to Prof Walther Gerlach.

I gather she may have come from Koneigsberg, which later became Kalaningrad under Soviet influence. During the War she may have changed her name to Adler. She may also have worked on the Nazi atomic project under Gerlach.

Does anybody here have any further biographical notes on her please under any of these names?

Is anyone aware of her fate after the war?   


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Re: Spin Polarisation of Atoms & Elisabeth Bormann's research
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2019, 11:19:47 PM »

In the Central Library of the University of Vienna there is a dossier of information about the life and work of Elizabeth Bormann. She was awarded her doctorate in 1918 at the University which had the title in German of, "Zur experimentellen Methodik der Zerfallsscchwankungen" (in English, "On the Experimental method of Decay Fluctuations"). After working with Max Born she joined the Siemens Schuckertwerke company at their laboratory in Charlottenburg near Berlin and remained with the company until her retirement. Dr.Bormann was a specialist in high voltage cable transmissions and in the German Federal Patient and Trademark Office there is much information about her patents. Dr. Bormann was born near Vienna but changed her nationality to German.
For more information about the work of Dr. Bormann please contact the Siemens Historial Institute at, Nonnendammallee 101, 13629 Berlin. The web sites of the German Federal Patent and Trademark Office is, and that of Siemens, A.G.
There are references to Dr. Bormann in the Bundesarchive but a good knowledge of German is required to read them. The web site of the Bundersarchive is,


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