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Topic: Help with a Catalyst for speeding up cureing of Silicone.  (Read 5302 times)

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Help with a Catalyst for speeding up cureing of Silicone.
« on: June 08, 2006, 09:18:27 PM »
Ok just to let you know where I am at. I am a Farrier (I shoe horses) not a chemist or a chemistry student. My knowledge of chemistry is limited. We use Silicone based "packing" to fill the void between the bottom of the horses hoof and the top of a pad, or to fill the whole opening in the bottom of the shoe to help support the weight of the horse. Here is an example of what Im looking to basically mimick ->


Heres a few pics of others that we use, and how I would like it to work.

The issue is that these products are very expensive and arent allways available when you need them, and regular silicone's cure time is unexceptable.

I would like to use silicone from the harware store combined with a catalyst. I would like to re-fill an old sil-pak container (which dispenses to substances in a 50-50 mix to make this silicone packing) with one side silicone and the other side a catalyst. I know that Benziol Peroxide, and providian Iodine (the latter is easier to find) are good catalysts and cure the silicone in about 2-5 minutes. Which is fine. The problem with this is that it must be mixed somthign like 1 part catalyst 8 parts silicone, the containers I want to re-fill will produce a 50-50 mix and push both sides of the tube through a mixing tip to mix it completely.

My Questions:

The catalysts are watery, is there some substance I could use as a filler to cut and thicken this catalyst and that would not effect its ability to harden the silicone? So I could use 50% catalyst and 50% silicone?

Are there other catalysts I should be looking into?

Your help is very much apreciated!

Thank you,

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