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Topic: Inexpensive Mercury Metal for Sale (By me)  (Read 5688 times)

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Inexpensive Mercury Metal for Sale (By me)
« on: July 22, 2014, 01:46:31 PM »
Mercury Metal (Hg) For Sale to Individuals

Hi everyone! My name is Doug and I am new to this forum, hailing originally from ScienceMadness under the username "Praxichys." I am an experienced home chemist and I do what I can to help others acquire chemicals that are getting harder to find. I recently purchased a 76-pound flask of mercury metal with the intent to resell it to the amateur community at a good price. ScienceMadness had first dibs; you can see the forum post here. I have sold almost half of the mercury so far both locally and online!

I am selling it by the pound for $80 per pound plus $12 shipping for each pound. (I can't legally ship more than a pound at a time, so you will have to pay shipping in one pound increments)

If you want less than a pound, the price is $0.25 USD per gram for any amount, plus the $12 in shipping.

I accept payments through PayPal (covered by their money-back guarantee) and I ship orders weekly. If you would like some, shoot me a quick email with how much you want and I can give you more information. My email is

I realize this sounds like a "sketchy deal over the internet." However, I have performed over 20 transactions this way without incident and I have many satisfied customers. You can check the testimonials with the ScienceMadness folks here!

And, of course... By purchasing this material, you agree that you are not legally a minor and you understand the proper handling of this material. The implications of careless handling are severe and range from poisoning yourself and others to astronomical HAZMAT decontamination costs/public lawsuits. I am not responsible with what you do with your mercury or the trouble it may get you into. Do some research before you buy.

That said, anyone looking to ampuole it for an element collection (5g shipped for $13.25) or run some amalgam reductions (50g shipped for $24.50) or maybe recover gold from circuit boards (454g shipped for $92)... this is the cheapest you'll find it online. Get it before it's gone!

Quick Facts about Hg:

Atomic weight: 200.59
Density: 13.534 g·cm−3
Melting point: −38.8290 °C
Boiling point: 356.73 °C

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